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Snowflake is one word.

Used in an example sentence "the snowflake looks pretty under the microscope".

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Q: Is the word snowflake one word or two?
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Is snow flake one word?

Yes, it is : snowflake.

What did snowflake bentley discover about snowflakes?

Snowflake Bentley discovered no two snowflakes are alike.

What is the Russian word for snowflake?

снежинка. Chezhinka

What is a compound word that ends with lake?


Where can one purchase a Swarovski crystal snowflake?

There are many places where one can purchase a Swarvoski crystal snowflake. One can purchase a Swarvoski crystal snowflake at popular on the web sources such as Sterling Collectibles and Amazon.

What snowflake pendant pieces are available from Swarovski?

Swarovski currently offers two snowflake beads in their Chamilia collection; one white epoxy with aurora boreale center, and one red siam ornament bead. They also offer a rhodium plated snowflake charm, with crystal clear pave and white epoxy.

German word for snowflake?

"Schneeflocke" or "Der froschen wrain"

What is the word 'snowflake' when translated from English to Japanese?

Yuki no furēku

What is the word snowflake when translated from English to Japanese?

Yuki no furēku

What are the official mascots of the Olympics?

There were two a torch and a snowflake

What are two words that describe snowflake?

beautiful and light

What two shapes do popcorn come in?

snowflake and mushroom