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yes. if somthing acurd it dose mean somthing has happend

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Q: What word means to have someting happen acurd?
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What does compreesed mean?

Compreesed isn't a word, compressed is and that means to squash someting basically.

What is the meaning of the word attitude?

someting to whine about

What is another word for illuminating?

Someting like lightining

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when someting is carved or written on a piece of metal.

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"Observe" means to watch something happen.

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Is the word Hopeful the same as the word pity?

no. hopeful means that if you want something to happen, then you are hopeful that it will happen. pity means if something bad happened, it would be a pity.

How did the word happen originate?

The word 'happen' means 'to occur' or 'to take place'. The word 'happen' originate from hap that is either hap the noun or the extended form of hap the verb.