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Bloodthirsty is the perfect word for you.

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Q: What word means to be attracted to blood?
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What is a word that means attracted to light?

Photophilia means attraction to light.

What is hitrosexual?

This is not an English word. Perhaps you heard the word HETEROSEXUAL, which means someone who is sexually attracted to the opposite gender.

What is a word that means controlling blood flow?

Hemostasis means controlling the flow of blood.

Does heterosexual mean you're gay?

Just the opposite.Heterosexual means straight - feeling attraction to members of the opposite sex. Homosexual means gay - feeling attraction to members of the same sex. There's also bisexual, denoting those who are attracted to both sexes. The word heterosexual comes from the Greek language and means someone attracted to the OPPOSITE sex (hetero means OTHER). The word homosexual is also from a Greek word and means someone attracted to the SAME sex (homo means THE SAME). So heterosexual is another word for 'straight' and homosexual is another word for 'gay'.

What is the root word in anaemia?

The root is -emia which means blood. Anemia means without blood.

Whats a word that means more than like but less than love?

Fond of or attracted to.

What are white blood cells attracted to?

Blood, generally...

What language does the word leukemia come from?

The word leukemia comes from Latin as a combination of two words: leuk- which means white. -aemia which means blood So, the word leukemia literally means "whitening of blood", indicating the presence of tremendous numbers of white blood cells in the blood.

Word that means to drain of blood?


What is the word for someone who loves the sight of blood?

haemophilie - which means "love of blood"

What is the attraction to magnets called?

The word magnetic, or the word ferromagnetic refer to materials that can be attracted by magnets.

What word means carry blood to your heart?