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Persevere means to continue forward despite opposition or discouragement.

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2014-12-02 21:18:31
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Q: What word means Continue forward despite opposition or discouragement?
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What is a nine letter word for continue forward despite opposition or discouragement and the last letter has an e?

A nine letter word for continuing forward despite opposition or discouragement is Persevere.

What is the definition of air resitance?

the opposition of the atmosphere to forward movement

Is it okay to say I look forward to continue to work with you!?

No. You would say something like: I look forward to continuing to work with you. I look forward to continue working with you.

Do we say we look forward to continue working with you?

No. We look forward to continuing working with you

What does continue mean?

proceed,to go forward with.

What program was designed to stop opposition to the Chinese communist party?

The Great Leap Forward

What is the synonym for go forward?

advance, progress, proceed, continue

What is rewarded after a forward pass in rugby?

If your team or the opposition throw the ball forward to their team-mate, a scrum to the opposite team shall be awarded. Hope this has helped! =)

What is the force that says that an object that is moving forward will continue to move forward unless another force stops it?

It is the force of inertia.

Another word for go?

progress- to move forward; to improve proceed- to go forward; to continue or leave, move, travel :)

What is the correct spelling for procceed?

The word "proceed" means to go forward, or continue.

How does friction act as a force?

Friction acts as an opposition to the forward motion and inertia, exerting an antagonistic effect against motion.

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