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Q: What word in the English language is pronounced differently by capitalizing the first letter?
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How do you write sam in spanish?

Sam is not a name in the spanish language, so you would write it the same way you do in English, however it is pronounced differently.

How do you pronounce teva?

This is not an English word, so it depends on what language this is. It may be pronounced differently in different languages. In Hebrew teva (טבע) is the word for "nature" and it's pronounced TĔH-vah

Why does hopping have two p's in it?

It has 2 p's because if it didn't, it would be pronounced like hoping. Adding the extra p is to show that it is pronounced differently to hoping. It is part of how the English language is used.

Is English a non-phonetic language?

English is a partially phonetic language. While it is not completely phonetic, meaning that the same letter or letter combination can be pronounced differently in different words, there are consistent patterns and rules that determine pronunciation.

How different professions use English differently?

how different professions use English language differently?

What is Richard in German?

the same as in english, richard, though it is pronounced differently

What is the french word for religion?

'la religion', it is the same as English but pronounced differently!

What is water in Afrikaans?

Water is spelt exactly the same in English and in Afrikaans - only pronounced differently (pronounced like vatr)

Are names in Italian said the same as they are in English?

No, English and Italian names may be pronounced quite differently in the respective languages. Sometimes, native speakers try to preserve the original language's pronunciation rules. Other times, they adapt the word to their own language's pronunciation rules. So Italian names that follow Italian speaking emigrants/immigrants may be pronounced so differently that the spelling changes over time in the new homeland.

What is the English equivalent to French letter r?

Letters are the same in English and French, they're just pronounced differently.

How do you say Australia in Spanish?

Australia is spelled the same in Spanish as in English, but is pronounced differently. It is pronounced "ow-oo-strah-lee-a."

How does French alphabet compare with the English alphabet?

The letters of the French alphabet are the same as the English Alphabet, they are just pronounced differently.