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  • accent
  • arrest
  • attend
  • breech
  • caress
  • cement
  • digest
  • expert
  • expect
  • expend
  • extend
  • forest
  • indent
  • intend
  • invest
  • inject
  • parent
  • priest
  • retest
  • retell
  • reveal
  • recess
  • repent
  • resent
  • reject
  • screen
  • stream
  • sleeve
  • spread
  • sleuth
  • stress
  • streak
  • thread
  • threat
  • talent
  • unreal
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Q: What word has 6 letters and the 4th letter is e?
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byacan or byacahn or byachan or pirranah

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6 letters are in the word letter.

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For a six-letter word to be a palindrome, the 3rd and 4th letters would have to be the same.

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There is no 7-letter word using these letters, but there are these two 6-letter words:adroitdiatom

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There are no 7-letter words with those letters, there are a few 6-letter words though:grieveregivereviewviewerweever

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The longest word is 6 letters: rudely

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Heroic is a 6 letter word. It is a synonym for brave.