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Q: What word begins with tar with the phrase we shoot arrows at it?
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What phrase begins with the word string?

String him along is a saying. It begins with the word string.

What three word phrase begins with the letter a?

ars gratia artis

What is a phrase that the first word is three letters and begins with an i?

I'll be back

Which word starts with q related to bow and arrow?

A quiver is used to carry arrows. It begins with the letter q.

What phrase from this section of the declaration of independence begins with the word for which is referring to the actions of?


What word begins a verb phrase?

It could be:a be verb = am waiting, is auxiliary verb = have been waiting.a modal auxiliary verb = could have been waiting.

A comma is usually not need when a sentence includes an extra pharase beginning with the word?

When the extra phrase begins with the word "and".

Is into a prepositional phrase?

Yes, "into" is a preposition that typically begins prepositional phrases indicating movement or direction.

What is the literary device where the last word of a sentence begins the next sentence?

Whether it is one word or a phrase, the term is "anaphora".

Does a preposition include more than one word?

Yes, a prepositional phrase consists of a preposition and its object. The object can be a noun, pronoun, or gerund.

Who wrote his phrase a word is dead when it s said some say you say it just begins to live that day?

The phrase is actually "A word is dead when it is said some say. I say it just begins to live that day." It was written by Emily Dickinson < (lol dickinson)

What word rhymes with thaw and makes a phrase that begins with last?

The word that rhymes with thaw is draw. Putting it together with last, you get the phrase "draw a line in the sand."