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Then you can play all contests levels and you are TOP contest trainer

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Q: What will happen if you complete the Pokemon contest ribbons on Pokemon platinum?
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What are all of the ribbons on Pokemon emerald?

Ribbons are gained in Lilycove city at the Pokemon Contest hall when one of your Pokemon wins a contest.

How many ribbons do you need to get into the resort club Pokemon platinum?

you need 10 ribbons on one Pokemon and you can get in

How many ribbons are needed to get into the club in Pokemon platinum?

10 on one Pokemon

How do you get past the girl at the stairs in Pokemon Platinum?

Get lots of ribbons

What are the action replay codes for all of the ribbons on a Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

there is none but the only way to get all ribbons is to use pokesav and make a Pokemon that has all ribbons (note there is codes to get all ribbons but they delete ur Pokemon)

How do you join the ribbon syndicate in Pokemon platinum?

You need to get all contest ribbons (Cute, tough, cool, smart, and beauty) in any type (Normal, super etc.)

Is there a limeted number of ribbons you can get in Pokemon platinum?

Yes, you can only get five

How do you get in to the spa in platinum?

You need a Pokemon with at least 10 ribbons in your party.

On Pokemon platinum how do you get the summary pages so you can see the ribbons?

You will only see the ribbons page where all of your pokemon's ribbons are of the summary after you have gone to Hearthhome City and gotten your costume, because that is the first time you can get ribbons.

How do you get Pokemon ribbons?

U win a contenst in Hearthrome city in Pokemon diamond, pearl and platinum

How many ribbons do you need to get into the resort area mansion in Pokemon Pearl?

One of your Pokemon needs to have 9 ribbons. It doesn't have to be contest ribbons. You could get other ribbons by talking to the footprint man, telling a story to this lady in Sunyshore or win the Pokemon League (the pokemon has to be in your league team though).

When you trade Pokemon from Platinum to Soul-Silver do your Ribbons carry across?

yes they do

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