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xbox 720

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Q: What will be the next gaming console?
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When was XaviXPort gaming console created?

XaviXPort gaming console was created in 2005.

What is the new gaming system of 2008?

There will be no new gaming system in 2008. Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft are going to probably release their next console in 2012.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of console gaming compared to PC gaming?

Some advantages of console gaming is that every game you buy for a console will work on a console unlike PC gaming. It is also easy to set up and connect to your TV and fits nicely in your hand.

What is the next level gaming?

The next level gaming is always going to be computer gaming. The computer will always have an unlimited amount of potential to get better. Every console has died off within 6 years but computers have been around since the 80s.

Does Apple have their own gaming console?

Apple does not produce a gaming console although the iPhone and iPod touch can be used as a handheld gaming system.

Which type of gaming does not use a dedicated gaming console?

hid and go seek....

Is the ps3 a console system?

Yes, the PS3 is a gaming console. A gaming console is simply a mass produced computer system built for playing games and other entertainment on your TV. Anything that matches this description is considered a console system.

Where was the first gaming console made?

First Console by Magnavox was a flop. Built in the USA

Who made ps4?

Ps4 or the play station 4 is a gaming console manufactured and designed by a Japanese company named SONY it is debated to be the best gaming console....

What is the price of an old gaming console?

Not much generally.

Why do you have an xbox360 and there are xboxers?

Because it is a fun gaming console.

What is the latest gaming console that sony developed?