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Enhance sound and picture quality!

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Q: What will a hmdi cable do for your xbox 360?
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Do I need a vga cable for my xbox 360?

No, a vga cable is not needed for the xbox 360. However if you would like to hook you xbox 360 to a computer monitor then you would want a vga cable.

When is an Xbox HDMI cable required?

If one is using one of the original Xbox 360 consoles and not the Xbox 360 Slim, then an HDMI cable is not required. Only the Xbox 360 Slim requires the use of an HDMI cable.

Do you have to use a Xbox 360 brand HDMI cable on an Xbox 360 arcade?

No, any HDMI cable will work.

Can you move music for Xbox to Xbox 360?

yes you'll need an xbox 360 an xbox 360 transfer cable and a mac or PC

Can you plug xbox 360 to a computer monitor?

yes with the xbox 360 vga cable

How do you use your PC screen as a TV for your Xbox 360?

You need an Xbox 360 VGA cable.

How can you get the web on your Xbox 360?

you would have to connect an ethernet cable or xbox 360 adapter to the back of the xbox to connect to xbox live

Can you use a regular HDMI cable on xbox 360?

Yes, any HDMI cable can work on any console, including the Xbox 360.

I got a x box 360 and i want it in HD i have the cable but were does the HD wire go to?

on the xbox 360 its at the back of the xbox 360. there is a hdmi port put the hdmi cable in the xbox 360 and slot it in the hdmi port on your hdtv

Where do you attach an HDMI cable on the XBOX 360?

If you don't have an HD XBox 360, then there is no HDMI port. Yes, there are 2 types of XBox 360's.

How do you systemlink an Xbox 360?

an ethernet cable from one xbox to another

Can the cable for Xbox work on Xbox 360?

I don't think it does, but it might