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All of them.

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Q: What whirl island do you have to go to after passing the dragons den test in soulsilver?
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How do you get to Lugia on SoulSilver?

On whirl island

What to do in the island in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Which island? whirl islands? Cinnabar island? you catch lugia in whirl islands. you beat blaine in cinnabar island.

What island is lugia in in Pokemon SoulSilver version?

whirl islands

How do you get in the cave at whirl island SoulSilver?

It's hard to get in the caves in whirl islands I kept trying and trying and it did'nt work at all.

Where are the good Pokemon in SoulSilver?

whirl wind island cerulean cave and burned tower

Where is lugia when you give the silver feather to the man in SoulSilver?

in the bottom left whirl island

How do you get to the lower right island of whirl islands in Pokemon Soulsilver?

go to the mystical land of fairies

What do you do when you beat the girls in Pokemon SoulSilver?

the kimono girls? go to the whirl islands and go in the first island you see that is protected by a whirl pool then talk to the monk and go to the bottom

Does anyone have a map to the Whirl Island in SoulSilver?

dude just go to youtube type in Pokemon soul silver how to get lugia

Were is Lugia in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Whirl Islands!

How do you get far in whirl islands in soul silver?

In the first island go left then go down the second ladder Soulsilver only

Where are the whirl islands in SoulSilver?

The Whirl Islands are located between Olivine City and Cianwood City.