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Q: Which region is whirl island in HeartGold?
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Can you catch Lugia on pokemon heartgold?

Yes. In whirl island but you need a special item.

Where are the whirl islands in Pokemon HeartGold?

Start at olivine city and pretend your going to Cianwood city. The small island is whirl islands. First you need whirlpool

Which island can you find Lugia in the Whirl Islands in POkemon Shiny Gold?

In Pokemon Heartgold, Lugia can be found at the top-right island of the Whirl Islands Area. It's at Lv. 70 so prepare.

Where is whirl island in Pokemon HeartGold?

whirl islands is in jonto and you can get there by surfing south from olivine city. you can get a lugia in there if you have a silver wing. i hope you find your way through! -RR14 :)

Where to get lugia in Wirl island on Pokemon heartgold?

get the silver wing from an old man in pewter city,go to whirl island,top right

Where are the kimono girl?

there in ecruteak city and after you beat them in heartgold they go to bell tower and in soul silver they go to whirl island

Where is Seafaom island in soul silver?

Seafoam island is in the Kanto region in Heartgold and Soulsilver.

Is lugia in whirl islands or seafom islands in Pokemon heartgold?

i think he's in the whirl islands

Where is Lugia in Pokemon heartgold and soul sliver?

Lugia is located in the Whirl Islands in the Johto Region. The Whirl Islands are located in the sea between Olivine City and Cianwood City. Lugia is located deep within one of the four islands. You must choose the correct island to go deep down to find Lugia.

How do you get a Kingdra in Pokemon HeartGold?

go to whirl islands

When you were battling Lugia in Pokemon Heartgold you scared it away Where did it go?

You Find it in soulsilver again post hall of fame at whirl island if you knocked it out before.

Where is luigi on HeartGold?

if you mean lugia, he's in the whirl islands