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There is no such thing as Total Drama island Yu-Gi-Oh cards there photoshopped but u can make ur own this is how paint 2.look on Google for pictures of tdi pplz 3.get a photo is u want erase the sides of other camers and make it a little short (fist clip copy on the picture then go to paint and go to edit then click paste thyen do all that stuff) 4.find a yu-gi-oh card that suits the character then (copy on paint then click paste near ur tdi character) then click the dotted line square and take the picture in the middle out 5.grab ur character and put him in the middle (should work) :) Any questions e-mail me at! thnxs!

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Q: What website to get total drama island yu-gi-oh cards?
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Can anyone give me a link to total drama island website?

Cartoon network and go to total drama island

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What is the website of the total drama island producers?

isn't it cartoonnetwork, then go to T.D.I.?

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The total drama island special called total drama drama drama drama island is not available on itunes because of publishing wars.

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im not sure where to find them but check walmart, target, and kmart

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Yes It Is, It Is The Total Drama Island Movie And There IS Also A Total Drama Action Movie Called Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special.

On total drama Island website how do you make you'r own player?

click th cabin with the head on it.

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if you get the total drama island DVD find out if it does i don't know if or nit check if you have the DVD.

Total drama island season 4?

There is no total drama island 4..its supposed to be coming sonne its called total drama revenge of the island ( total drama reloaded)

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you cant be on total drama island silly.

What is total drama island season 4?

Total Drama Revenge of the Island

When did Total Drama Island happen?

Total Drama Island happened in 2007.