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A flying pet such as a bird or bat.

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Q: What webkinz pets are for the tree top room?
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Does the webkinz hummingbird allow you to get a tree top room?

Yes. Any bird Webkinz gets you a treetop room.

Could a webkinz dolipin get a under water room?

Yes. They also have a tree-top house for birds!

What Webkinz can buy tree top house?

Flying animals come with tree tops.

Why cant you use big top party room pack on webkinz?

before you buy it change your phone to the color you are going to choose for the big top party room pack

How do you remove clothes from your webkinz?

To dress or undress your webkinz you go to your room and select an animal. On the top right corner there is a button that says dress. Click on it and to dress you webkinz drag a top from you dock and drop it in the top section. Do the same with your glasses, hats ,pants, belts , and shoes. To undress your webkinz, you should click on the top that is in the top section and drag it to your dock. Do the same with your shoes, belts, hats, pants , and belts.

How do yo you make a house for your Webkinz?

everyone has a house on webkinz i mean player! why!? you dont!? just click the "Things to do" and then at the very top there are three choices there...just click "my room"

How do you make sparkle top on webkinz clothing machine?

you have to buy the sparkling dress for real and its comes with a feature code and you enter it at the code shop and go to your room and drag your shoping gift bag out of your dock and drag into your pets room and you get a shop to look for clothes its called the kinz style shop. hope this helps!

What are the top ten online virtual worlds if your ten?

webkinz club penguin moshimonsters petpet park foofoo pets and im not sure of the other 5

How do you get a new house on webkinz world?

You can't. But you can get a new room by clicking the button "house map" at the top left corner in your house

Does a blufadoodle give you a treetop room?

No, it only gives u a regular room. If you want a tree top room then get an animal that can fly.

How do you get a tree top room?

all you need is to buy one that can fly then you will unlock it

What are the top 10 webkinz?

# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #