How do you put your webkinz to bed?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You go into the W shop, buy a bed, then place it into your room, and then click play at the top left corner, and then click the bed. Your Welcome.

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Q: How do you put your webkinz to bed?
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Dear Webkinz you need to make a button that will put all the Webkinz to bed and you need to make a sharpie Webkinz?

Spengeltin edit: Yes, A Sharpie webkinz would be nice... and why don't you do it manually lazy much =/ -- What is a Sharpie webkinz sharpie lk a marker?? OMJ Dr. Quack always says my webkinz is tired but it's always in bed?? what to do

Is there a bed on Webkinz that two Webkinz can sleep on?


How many Webkinz can you get on a super bed?

Like all beds in webkinz world, only one webkinz can get on a bed at a time. (It would be inappropriate if webkinz allowed too or more pets on a bed at a time)

How do you put your webkinz to sleep online?

You buy a bed at the W-Shop and click on it and your pet will sleep!

What is the cheapest bed in Webkinz world?

The cheapest bed on webkinz is the hammock. It's worth 300 kinz cash.

Is there a cheese bed in Webkinz?

yes there is

How do you get the Dr quack bed on webkinz?

You can get a daredevil bed by buying at least 10 webkinz. I have 15 webkinz and I have the daredevil bed too! You can also get the daredevil bed by trading something at the clubhouse for it or, getting a daredevil bed by someone sending it to you. I will send my daredevil bed to you if you want. My username is: Iloveblacklabs264. Just add me and You will get your daredevil bed!

How can you get a super bed on Webkinz?

go to the e - store or adopt 10,15,20,25 (ect.) webkinz

Would you buy a webkinz bed from me in real life?

Yes, I would buy a webkinz bed. If your webkinz don't have beds, they will soon, they will get sick. You don't want that to happen at all. I have 16 webkinz so I would buy 16 beds:)

How do you get both Webkinz in bed?

You cant each bed is for one pet only.Sorry:(

How do you make webkinz sleep in the same bed?

You cant. You can only have one in a bed at a time.

Where do you put the webkinz studio?

In your Webkinz Room of cource?!