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if u are a member you should probable use a dharoks great axe or if that's too slow u can use a dragon scimitar. in order to use the dragon scimitar u need to complete the grand tree, and monkey madness quests. if u are a non_member u can use a rune scimitar or a rune 2h.

have fun training streangth

~ Angelsblade0 says, dh axe is for nubs, get full dh and go to ape toll, use a d scimmy with dfs or defender, or buy an ss. godswords fail at training btw, their to slow.

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Q: What weapon should you use to train str on runescape?
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How do you get 99 str on runescape?

you train it

Where is the best place to train str on rs?

hi my runescape name is tvaddict22. add me. the best place to train str is at the earth warriors.

How Do I Train Str Well i have a whip and i want to train str to hit higher but whip dont train str so what weapon should i get which is a good as whip and is under 1mil Btw i havent done MnkMadnss?

my advice would be to get d-2h they hit real good and go for about 790k!

What is the easiest way to train str on runescape?

the easiest way to train strength would be the Soul Wars minigame.

Should i train defense to 40 on runescape ATM currently a pure 61 str 2 def?

I think you should train to atleast 40 min but I'd say to 50 for granite armour plus not sure if you train attack but if you a mem get that to 60

Runescape What is the best non corrupt f2p weapon for strength?

For F2p it would be the Rune 2Hander as it has the highest str bonus, but i prefer the scimitar:D

Wiche runescape armor is the best to wear?

best str bonus armor in runescape 2011: full helm: torva full helm +4 str bonus necklace: amulet of strength (t) or not your choice +10 str bonus platebody: bandos chestplate or torva platebody +4 str bonus platelegs: bandos tassets or torva platelegs +4 str bonus gloves: barrows gloves +12 str bonus boots: dragon boots +4 str bonus shield: dfs aka dragonfire shield +7 str bonus weapon:2h chaotic maul +155 str bonus/1h staff of light +72 str bonus cape: fire cape +4 str bonus

What Runescape monster should you train on. lvl 75 with 70 atk and 64 str and 53 def?

Lesser demons may be suitable for you, but bring some food, as Lesser demons can be quite accurate to lower levels.

How do you make a strength pure in runescape?

First you make an account. Complete Tutorial. Then, make around 200k for f2p accounts, and atleast 1m for members. then train the following stats wherever you want to train: 5 attack, 5 strength 20 attack, 20 str 30 attack, 30 str 40 attack, 40 str Keep training str after this, but if your Member: 50 attack 50 tr 60 attack 60-80 str, if u want more hp, train your magic and range. Hope you have many pk's

What are all the quests you need to do for a str pure in runescape?

I have placed a link below that should provide you with the answer(s) that you seek.

In runescape I am a member with 50 atk 60 str and 50 def what's the best armor and weapon for training?

buy granit its for 50 def and its better than rune ; D

How do you make ammy str t on runescape?

u cant. u only can make ammy of str. not the (t)