What was the very first Pokemon?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The very first Pokemon could mean a few things: It could mean in order of discovery in the games, which would be Bulbasaur It could mean in order of Invention by Game Freak, which would probably be Yanma. It could be in order of canon creation, which would make it Arceus, the god of Pokemon that shaped the Universe with its 1000 arms.

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Q: What was the very first Pokemon?
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What was the very first pokemon made?

rhydon is the first pokemon created.

What Pokemon was created first?

The very first Pokemon ever created by the Pokemon team was Rhydon.

What is the name of the very first Pokemon episode?

Pokemon, i choose you!

What was the very first generation of Pokemon?

Kanto, or pokemon 1-151.

What was the first Pokemon ever invented?

Rhydon was the very first Pokemon that was invented and made into a Pokemon No It was Bulbasaur because in the ds games on the pokedex it says bulbasaur was the first Pokemon.

What is the first Pokemon game?

The first Pokemon game ever made is Pokemon blue(very hard to get but can probally find most of the time at game stop).

Is a zubat rare?

No, Zubat is a very common Pokemon. You'll see it very frequently in caves in the first four generations of Pokemon games.

What is Arcanine's first form in Pokemon?

Arcanine's First form is Growlithe... He is very strong ^^

Is Ivysaur a legendary Pokemon?

no my friend he is not he is only the evolved form of the grasstype pokemon from the very first game

Where is the Pokemon aron in ruby?

It's in the very first cave you see

Who is the silhouette at the beginning of the first episode in pokemon?

If you mean the "Who's That Pokemon" silhouette from the very first episode, it's pikachu! Everyone knows Pikachu of course!

How do you transfer Pokemon from guardian signs?

first of all you cant because it is a very different type of Pokemon game only Pokemon of the same game can be transfered