What was the first gamesystem ever?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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uhhhu i now it its the wii

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Q: What was the first gamesystem ever?
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How can you download the gameshark on wwwgamesharkcom?

umm, you don't. plug it into your gamesystem, then enter in your codes that you can get off the internet.

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Well, I have that game, too. And I play mine on my DSi. And I have that game for my psp. I personally think that its better to play it on the DSi. Or, DS if you don't have a DSi. Witch ever you have is fine.:)

Can you order a gamesystem online?

Yes, you can all u hav to do is go to pick 1 and pick add to cart and that's it.

Can you get internet on your t v?

Yes. You could access it through a gamesystem like wii or xbox360 or you could do it with Verizon fios. it is very possible

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A cell phone.

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