What was the first LEGO set?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The LEGO duck was the first shape set. Did you know way back in 1932 the LEGOs were made out of wood.

-Daniel Raff

There were actually only five colors in the Lego brand then (red, blue, yellow, black, and white.) So making a duck out of five colors was probably hard for the Lego designers.

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Q: What was the first LEGO set?
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What is the most rarest Lego set?

the first set, they never make that set

Where was the first LEGO set sold?

Good question! The first Lego set was probably sold in Denmark, where it was invented. :)

What was the first Lego set and what year?

a man,1981

What was the first Lego Star Wars product?

Lego Star Wars started in 1999 and their first set was released, Lego X Wing. This set is basically a star fighter which came with a few minifigures and a cockpit for them to sit in.

Where can one purchase LEGO for girls?

You can purchase Legos for girls online at the Lego website. They have many different Lego sets for girls, such as the My First Lego Princess Set, The Summer Scene Set and the Poodles Little Palace, just to name a few.

What is LEGO set 8631?

LEGO set 8631 is LEGO Agents set Mission 1: Jetpack Pursuit.

What is the set number for the LEGO set 'LEGO BrickMaster Welcome Kit'?

The set number is 10167.

Is there a Garfield LEGO set?

Is there a Garfield Lego

What was the first Lego product?

the first Lego set was made in 1907 i think. It was a series of sets designed to teach children about traffic safety. The series had six sets, i think, and 12 cars. the bricks didn' have the brick to tube coupling yet and the bricks didn't keep their shape.

Where is LEGO set 9494 located?

Yes There Is. It Is A Lego Star Wars Mustafar Set

What is the biggest LEGO castle set LEGO ever made?

The largest Lego castle set is the Lego Castle giant chess set with 2,481 pieces and the largest castle play set is Medieval Market Village with 1,601 pieces

Who is the best LEGO person in a set?

This really depends on what you want from the set and the Lego person! if you want a cool character you might choose my favorit Lego Indiana jone if you want a non movie character you can always buy a Lego minifig set from Lego!