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Its something you buy for 365 dollars which gives you Outrageous Builders club for life... There is no way, i mean NO WAY, to get this without paying the money, most of them are scams.

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Q: What was roblox OBC lifetime on roblox?
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How do you get lifetime obc on roblox?

You would need to call ROBLOX and buy it.

How do you get OBC lifetime for free?

You cant it's not a place where you can hack OBC on Roblox.

How long does OBC last for on roblox?

It only lasts for one month unless you buy it for a lifetime.

Does anyone on roblox have an account you can have with obc?

yea, lots of people have obc

How do you get obc on roblox for free?

The only way to get free OBC, TBC or BC is to get ROBLOX staff to give it you or get a friend to give it you.

Is obc considered rare on roblox?

Compared to all the users on Roblox, yes. However hundreds, if not thousands of people still have OBC!

Can anyone buy OBC for Ubergeekpi in Roblox?

dude!!!!!!!!!get your own OBC no one wants to use there money fro other people on roblox!

How many people are outrageous builders on roblox?

I'm bigboy5668 on ROBLOX and I have OBC, but not too many people have OBC because it's costs a lot to have it.

What are the types of builders clubs on Roblox?

the types of builders club are builders club monthly builders club six month builders club twelve month builders club lifetime turbo BC monthly turbo BC six months turbo BC twelve months turbo BC lifetime and OBC monthly and OBC lifetime but its hard to get

How do you get free obc on roblox?

The only way to get free OBC, TBC or BC is to get ROBLOX staff to give it you or get a friend to give it you OR go to a site like

Is it possible to get obc with roblox game cards?

no. Are you sure?

Could you buy OBC with roblox credit?

If by 'roblox credit' you mean Tickets and Robux. Then no. You need to buy OBC or any type of BC for that matter with real money.