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Q: Is it possible to get obc with roblox game cards?
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Where do you buy OBC cards for Roblox?

There is no such thing as OBC cards. If you are referring to Roblox cards that can be used to redeem OBC, they are available in Walmart, Gamestop, Best Buy, Toys R Us, CVS, Target, F.Y.E, EB Games, Big W, 7 Eleven, London Drugs (They don't sell drugs), Shopper's Drug Market, Sainsbury's, GAME, ASDA, W.H.Smith and Dixons - Curry. However, Roblox cards can only be purchased in the following countries - the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

How much are ROBLOX obc for a month cards in England?

i think it cost the same but i think you should email the roblox manager and ask him.

Does anyone on roblox have an account you can have with obc?

yea, lots of people have obc

How do you get obc on roblox for free?

The only way to get free OBC, TBC or BC is to get ROBLOX staff to give it you or get a friend to give it you.

Is obc considered rare on roblox?

Compared to all the users on Roblox, yes. However hundreds, if not thousands of people still have OBC!

How do you get OBC lifetime for free?

You cant it's not a place where you can hack OBC on Roblox.

How do you get lifetime obc on roblox?

You would need to call ROBLOX and buy it.

Can anyone buy OBC for Ubergeekpi in Roblox?

dude!!!!!!!!!get your own OBC no one wants to use there money fro other people on roblox!

How many people are outrageous builders on roblox?

I'm bigboy5668 on ROBLOX and I have OBC, but not too many people have OBC because it's costs a lot to have it.

How do you get free obc on roblox?

The only way to get free OBC, TBC or BC is to get ROBLOX staff to give it you or get a friend to give it you OR go to a site like

Could you buy OBC with roblox credit?

If by 'roblox credit' you mean Tickets and Robux. Then no. You need to buy OBC or any type of BC for that matter with real money.

How much is a obc membership card cost for roblox?

Membership cards only give you regular bc. If you want obc, get it online or you can buy a bunch of cards to get obc or get 1 or couple 40 dollar cards or just ask mom or dad or grandpa or grandma who ever will do it to give you 350$ on a gift card so you can buy OBC lifetime but I wouldve bought with a credit card but credit cards f**k up your credit and it will be more logical to do rather then buy it with a credit card soo just buy it with a gift card