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the wii, saying that you can also download old/unreleased video games. Plus, if you have facebook, you can play games on that while on your wii if your wii is connected to the internet and you have the Internet channel.

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Q: What video game console has the most video games?
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Disadvantages of a game console?

§ Game consoles can become outdated quickly, while PC's don't. § Game consoles might have extra charges for online play § Console games cost more than PC games most of the time. § You can get quite unsociable if you get into a game too much, you can start to want to play on the console instead of going out. To the person above me, becoming unsociable is not a disadvantage of a video game console, it is something that the user should control. § Looking at the TV screen often can hurt your eyes, and this could cause your eyes to be damaged. To the person above me, this can happen with any form of entertainment, not just video game consoles § Games can be bad for younger people such as shooting games and car games and can influence bad behaviour onto young people. To the person above me, no they do not influence young people. See more here: To the person above me, HI!

What is the most addicting video game in the world?

The Jak and and daxter games.

Why are kids choosing to buy video games to play than board games?

Because when kids first play video games, they are most likely to enjoy it, and get really into a game, once they have completed a game, they will want to buy a new game as they will now be bored of the last game, at this point they are addicted, video games can be considered one of the most addictive "drugs" i know this as i am 14 and have been playing video games for years now. I am not proud that i choose video games to bored games, but i am addicted, and when i am bored the only thing i can think of doing is video games. So theres your answer.

Which game console has the most games?

The XBox 360 has almost 800 titles not with the Arcade and Windows Phone 7 titles.

What is the most recent call of duty game?

Black Ops II next game release Nov 2013 by Infinity Ward who did MW MW2 and MW3 There might be other games for mobile phones just not full console games that are the real Call of Duty Games with full capabilities of a console or PC

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What is the most successful video game console?

Probably going to be the original Nintendo. I would say that is the PlayStation 2. It has the longest life of any console as they are still making games for it today. It has the most game titles available of any console. And it has sold the most games of any console to date.

Is Wii a video game?

Most definitely not!It's a game coNsole.

Will apple make a video game console?

No,most likely not.

What DS video game was the most popular in 2012?

The most popular Nintendo DS video game was the Pokemon series, particularly Pokemon SoulSilver. This was on of the highest selling games all year on any console.

How do you make a video game for a major game console?

most likely you have to go to college

What topics are discussed on the Console Forum?

The most frequent topics discussed on the Console forum are about video games and video game consoles. Some of the most frequent topics of discussion include the PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360, the Nintendo Wii, Assassin's Creed, and Halo.

Which video game console has the most exclusive games?

I think all game systems out have some great games. However, I think the X-box 260 and Nintendo Wii have the widest variety of games. To me, the Nintendo Wii is the most fun because you are more involved in the game.

What type of files are used for video game Models?

There are many different types. Most console games (Ps2 is what i am most familiar with) use 3ds, and a few online games i know of use pmg's. There are WAY to many to list here.

Popular video games?

The most popular video game is Halo reach

What is the most popular puzzle toy for a teenaged boy?

I would suggest a Nintendo DS with a game such as Brain Training. The console is around 100 pounds and the game around 30. Other games can be played on the console that are not puzzle games. Other puzzle games are available for the console.

What game console has the most Star Wars games?

PC by far. PC by far.

What video game has the most graphic savages?

The video game that has the most graphic savages are S3 graphics. They are American-based graphic chips that provide the most graphic savages in video games.