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Running a Runescape private server is illegal. Just enjoy the game for what it is.

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Q: What us a good runescape private server source?
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What is a good runescape private server source?

your mum is the best rsps ever of all time of all time!

What is a good runescape private server with a lot of npc's?

project catastrophy is good private server so check it out its cool :)

What is a good runescape private server with pickup aka spawn?

Why not take a search on RuneLocus.

What are RuneScape private servers and what are they used for?

A Runescape Private server is a player owned version of runescape pretty much, and they are used for players who can't afford to play the main runescape or who are not good at the main runescape to have their own little fun.

What is a good RuneScape private server?

No private servers should be used and they are against the rules. They could lead to a ban of a RuneScape account, and hold the potential of housing keyloggers and other methods of hacking runescape accounts.

Where do you get shears on private server runescape?

Private Server or official website does not matter. They can be found in the farmers house north of Lumbridge Castle, or you can buy some on Grand Exchange. (good luck with that)

Best RuneScape private server?

Klownz World is very good. Go to to join.. Hope to see you there =)

What is a good runescape private server with the construction skill?

I Have A Good Runescape Private Server The Name Is RzScape Server IP Is Join Now Nice Staff Many Pking Spots Skilling Spots Training Spots Mini games! over 100+ players online The Owner Is Owner Daniel This Was Written On 3.30.2010

Item code list for runescape private servers?

This is a Runescape Spawning server, and has good items to spawn. DFSCAPE is the name of the server. For a list of items, go to: (To play the server, go to: Glad to answer your question! Hope I helped? -Pogonium

What is a good private server for RuneScape?

Try Klownz World Site is: Just register, download client and play. Very easy and if you have trouble the staff will help you with anything.

Is there a RuneScape private server client for mac?

There is a very nice one called siggi scape! go to and go to the server status page. click on search servers. type in siggi and download the client. or just google it. it is a very amazing server.Another AnswerThere is also a pretty good source called Metis. I'll put link to download under.

What is a good runescape server with item spawn?

well i would have to say stealthscape..its a ::pickup / ::pure / ::master / and pk server with bounch of good people.