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Elite 4:

Lorelei: Ice/Water

Bruno: Rock/Fighting

Agatha: Ghost/Poison

Lance: Dragon (or Pokemon of the Dragon Egg group which aren't Dragons)

Champion: Mixed. It's your rival so you know well.

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Q: What types of Pokemon do the elite four and the champion have in Pokemon fire red?
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What are the Pokemon types in the elite four Pokemon y?

The types of pokemon the Elite Four use in Pokemon Y are: Steel, Fire, Dragon, and Water. The Champion uses a variety of types.

What are the four types of elite four in diamond?

The members of the elite four are Aron, Bertha, Flint, and Lucian. Aron used bug types, Bertha uses ground types, Flint uses fire types, and Lucian is the psychic type user. You also have to fight Cynthia the champion after u fight the elite four.

What are the four types of Pokemon the elite four have in Pokemon pearl?

first, it is bug second, it is ground third, it is fire fourth, it is psychic and the champion mainly has dragon but some others aswell HOPE THIS HELPS!

Which Types are recommended for the Elite 4 in Sapphire?

The types that are recommended for the Elite 4 in Pokémon Sapphire are Fighting, Fire, Ice, Electric and Dark. The types that are recommended for the Pokémon Champion are Fire, Ghost and Dark.

What are the Pokemon types in the elite four Pokemon X and Y?

Steel, Fire, Dragon, and Water.

What should you do when i beat the champion in Pokemon sapphire?

fire types beat steal

What are the Elite 5 in Pokemon Pearl?

The Elite Four in Pearl are: #1 Aaron - he focuses on Bug-type Pokemon #2 Bertha - she focuses on Ground-type Pokemon #3 Flint - he focuses on Fire-type Pokemon #4 Lucian - he focuses on Psychic Pokemon Champion: Cynthia - has no main focus; uses different types Hope this helped! =)

What Pokemon types should you use to beat the Firered Pokemon elite four?

you should use water types because they are strong against fire types

What are the names of the people in the Pokemon League in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Hmm.... By the Pokemon League I assume you mean the Elite Four? Aaron (Bug Type) Bertha (Ground Type) Flint (Fire Type) Lucian (Psychic Type) And the Champion is....... Cynthia (Various Types)

Who is the Pokemon league champion on Pokemon fire red?

Your rival is the champion.

What is the order of the types in the Pokemon league on Pokemon platinum?

Type your answer here... bug, ground, fire, and pshychic then you have to battle the champion, Cynthia who has a lot of types -Kimojad78

How do you defeat the elite four in Pokemon ruby?

you can get high level Pokemon they are gonna be dragon Pokemon ice and water ghost dark champion steven with steel tipe Pokemon so il recoment fire Pokemon