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Apple, Cedar, Lemon, Maple, Peach, Elder, Hazel, Birch, Aspen, Olive, Beech, Larch, Lilac.

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Q: What type of tree has five letters in it?
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A tree that has five letters?


What five letter tree starts with p?

There are several trees that all start with the letter 'p' and are five letters long. The name of one tree that starts with the letter 'p' and is five letters long is the peach tree.

What is the name of a tree beginning with p and has five letters?

peach pecan

What type of tree has the letters r h a l c?

The type of tree with the letters "r h a l c" is an oak tree.

Type of tree that starts with c 5 letters?


What is a five letter word ending in A meaning forest tree of lowland Central America?

The word you are looking for is balsa.It's five letters, ending in A.Balsa is a type of tree found in lowland central America. The wood from it is lightweight and is usually used in arts and crafts or to make rafts.

What lizard has five letters in its name and the letters k and n?

A skink is a five-lettered lizard. I like the blue-tongued skink best.

What is the biggest type of plant that contains the letters ee or ea?

The biggest type of plant that contains the letters "ee" or "ea" is the sequoia tree, specifically the coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens). These trees are among the tallest and largest living organisms on Earth.

What are 5 kinds of business letters?

write five type of business latter

What is a five letter word ending in A meaning Philippine banana tree?

The answer is abaca.It's five letters, ending in A. Abaca is a banana tree native to the Philippines. The leafstalks are processed into Manila hemp, which is used to make rope and paper.

What is plenty or enough and has 5 letters?

ample Their new house provides ample space for the five children and tree dogs.

What tor type of tree that is a three letter word?

What tor type? Types of trees with three letters: ash, elm, oak, yew, and ivi, a rare Tahitian chestnut tree.