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in Pokemon : pearl

in real life : quartz

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Q: What type of stone is natural and similar to a diamond?
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What is a dusk stone for in Pokemon Diamond?

It can evolve Pokemon. Here is a list of what it can evolve: Misdreavus---> Mismagius Murkrow---> Honchkrow If your going to get Pokemon diamond/pearl,please beware of the type of Pokemon you can find.For Example,Murkrow can only be found in Diamond,not Pearl or Glamow can be found on Pearl but not on Diamond,But what i mean is there's only 2 Pokemon (In Diamond/Pearl) that can be found on each game. Here's the list: Murkrow---> Honchkrow (Diamond) Stunky---> Stunktank (Diamond) Misdreavus---> Mismagius (Pearl) Glamow---> Purugly (Pearl)..... But 1 other thing,only 1 Pokemon (In each game) can be used with dusk stone,so pick WISELY....

Is there a stone that evolves rock type Pokemon?

No; there are no rock-type Pokemon that evolve by stone.

What kind of stone to make a fighting type Pokemon evolve in Pokemon diamond?

only riolu needs a bone stone. there r no other fighting Pokemon that needs a stone to evolveRiolu DOESN'T need a bone stone, infact, it doesn't need any stone's! It evolves into Lucario, gradually. Maybe happiness. -PokeFan Boo (visit my Pokémon advice site in a few days, is happiness

What stone do you use to make a flying type evolve?

There is no evolution stone that makes flying types as a whole evolveIt isn't flying type. Notice how it says species, not type, so you have to figure out what stone evolves what Pokemon.

What stone can make a bug type evolve?

leaf stone, but that stone doesn't evolve all bug pokemon.

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Diamond has almost haze colour to light grey or black look to it?

Take your stone to a certified gemologist to confirm that it is a diamond. It could be a crystal stone of another type, and not a diamond. One reason why a diamond stone would appear hazy to the naked eye is because of flaws in the stone. If the stone is a diamond, it is probably not an expensive stone, given its apparent lack of clarity.

What kind of stone to make a dark type Pokemon evolve in Pokemon diamond?

the moon stone.

How many diamond setting type?

There are many ways to set a diamond or any other precious stone, depending on the cut, size and purpose of the setting. Any type of setting is designed to protect the stone and to keep the stone in the setting.

The famous rock is the largest stone found of its type?

The Blue Hope Diamond.

What does the stone type of a diamond mean?

Diamond is a stone, a rock, a geological phenomenon. Once mined, polished and sold, it can be mounted in jewelery (while 75% of all mined diamonds are used industrially). When describing an object for sale, for example, one might say that -- of the gemstone mounted in the jewelery -- the 'stone type' is diamond.

What is the dawn stone for on Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum?

its a type of stone to evlove gardivoir to gallade and snornut to frosslass

What is the highest grade a diamond can be?

Diamonds are graded according to cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. When cutting a rough diamond stone, the diamond cutter first determines the natural colour of the stone, then plans a cut that preserves the highest carat weight for its maximum clarity. So the highest grade of diamond is the largest stone with zero flaws in the rarest colour with the most perfect cut for that stone. These diamonds are sold at auction and bring millions of dollars to sellers. In jewelry, the D colour is the highest grade colour; internally flawless is the highest clarity, blue and red could be the rarest natural colours. The Gemological Institute of America's Web site will help you better understand the four Cs, below. Finally, exceptional stones, are also graded according to the type of diamond, the most common being Type I. Read more about diamond types, below.

What is the most precious stone?

diamond because it is beautiful and the hardest type of rock

How do you get the diamond stone in Pokemon LeafGreen?

just type in the cheat list DG489HD4

What type of Pokemon can you use a fire stone on in Pokemon diamond?

yes u can

Which type of diamond is better to buy a natural or manufactured one?

'Better' is a judgement, and you are the judge. Both diamonds are diamonds made of carbon. A manufactured diamond is less expensive that a mined/ natural diamond.

What minrals do tile have in it?

It depends on the type of tile. If you are using a natural stone tile it will consist of what ever minerals are naturally in that stone. If you use ceramic tile is will be a form of clay and terracotta or mexican tiles will be similar to adobe or a red clay. Tile consist of all sorts of minerals, depending on the type.