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There isn't a certain type just use an ultra ball. Btw my friend code is 4470 0255 2119 if u want to trade

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Q: What type of pokeball is the best for flying type Pokemon?
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Whats the best flying type in Pokemon ruby?


What is the best flying type Pokemon in Johto?

I don't preferably like legendaries, but Lugia is definitely the best flying type in the onto region

What would the best type of Pokemon to beat the sixth gym leader on Pokemon emerald?

Winonna is the 6th gym leader and she uses flying type Pokemon. I'd suggest using a Pokemon with electric or flying type attacks.

What is the best flying type Pokemon in sapphire?

Rayquaza is the best, but non-legendary is Salamence.

How many flying type Pokemon are there in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

There are 22 flying-type Pokemon.

What type of Pokemon is Swellow?

Swanna is a Water and Flying type pokemon.

What type of Pokemon is Jumpluff?

Jumpluff is a Grass and Flying type pokemon.

How do you fight the 2nd gym leader in Pokemon pearl?

with fire type and flying type pokemon. work best for beating grass type .

What type of Pokemon is flying good against?

Flying type Pokemon are good against normal Pokemon.

What would be the best Pokemon team for the first 5 gym leaders in Pokemon white?

Starter Pokemon, Ground Type, Fighting Type, Fire or Flying type!

Crobat is what type of Pokemon?

Crobat is a Poison and Flying type pokemon.

Where do you find flying type Pokemon?

Route 10,11 and 12 are the best for finding them