What type of game is age of war?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Age of War is an epic real-time strategy game.

In fact, there are many strategy games in the online game market. Such as, The Wars is another good browser game, which also needs players's talent to fight with grand officers in the game, just like the strategy game-Age of War. Funny and Fantastic!

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Q: What type of game is age of war?
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Where can one play the game Age of War?

The popular game known as Age of War can be found in a few places online. One of the most popular places to play Age of War is at ArmorGames' website.

Where can i download age of war flash game?


Why is game of war fire age popular?

Game of War is a popular game because it is fun and appeals to many different people.

What games are like age of war?

There is an age of war 2, go on or even faster go to and on search bar type age of war 2

How do get global thermonuclear war game type?

Game type or callsign? To get the 'Global Thermonuclear War' callsign, I think you have to use either two or three nukes.

What type of game is dragon age?

Third person Role Playing Game (RPG)

What ages is the game Epic War designed for?

The Epic War game was designed for children and adults who are over the age of 13. It is okay for children under this age to play it as long as they have adult supervision.

Do you know a browser game where you evolve from stone age to future. If you know that game can you tell me her name because i forgot it?

I think you mean a flash game called "Age Of War"

How do you type codes on territory war online?

There are no codes for this game

Is age of war 2 out yet?

Age of War 2 is out and will be playable on 26 December 2009 on Probably at 6 pm or something. Enjoy the game!

What type of game is Epic War?

Epic War is a video game that is a war game with battles and armies that you build. It is a strategy game that is available through Armor Games. It can be downloaded onto a computer, smart phone, or tablet.

What is the name of a game similar to Age of War but with aliens as your opponent?

army of ages