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posistive feedback

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Q: What type of feedback exaggerates the effects of variations from normal?
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Can slifer negate the effect of spells and traps?

No. Slifer the Sky Dragon's Normal Summon can't be negated, and cards/effects cannot be used in response to its Normal Summon. However apart from that it has no other protection, it cannot negate anything.

Elemental hyper beam?

Most moves in Pokémon have variations. A Hyper beam like move is one with a power of 150 which requires two turns to perform, damage being dealt on the first turn. Hyper beam has both special and physical variations as well as a variety of types. These moves are Hyper beam (normal special), Giga-Impact (normal physical), Frenzy Plant (grass special), Blast Burn (fire special), Hydro Cannon (water special), Rock Wrecker (rock physical) and Roar of Time (dragon special)

How does a Gemini monster work in Yu-Gi-Oh?

A Gemini monster is a special kind of Effect monster that is treated as a Normal Monster with no effects when initially summoned to the field. At any time after this that you can perform another Normal Summon, you can choose to 'summon it again' (in the OCG, this is called a 'second summon') and it then becomes aneffect monster with the listed effects.So, Player A, in his main phase, Normal Summons Blazewing Butterfly. It is a Normal Monster, with no effects. In his next turn, he can use his turn's Normal Summon to 'Gemini Summon' the Blazewing Butterfly, which will turn it into an effect monster with the effects on the card. Anything that grants additional Normal Summons can speed this process up.The card doesn't leave the field at any point, you are performing the summon on a card that is already on the field, and it does not require tribute in the case of a high level Gemini monster. But since it's considered a Normal Summon, it can be negated, and summon-responsive cards like Torrential Tribute can be used against it. Because it never leaves the field, any cards equipped to it, will remain equipped, any bonuses, conditions and counters will be retained also.

Can Solemn Judgment stop Obelisk the effect version?

No, it can't.His normal summon can't be negated, so Solemn Judgment can't be used there. Also, note Solemn cannot be used against monster effects, so it cannot be used against his activated effects either.

How do you summon a Gemini monster in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Gemini Monsters are normal or special summoned as normal, but when they arrive on the field, they are considered Normal Monsters and have no effects. The next time you are allowed to Normal Summon, you can 'second summon' them, ie, they count as being summoned again, even though they never leave the field. This turns them into effect monsters and switches on their effect. Note that if you are trying to 'second summon' a Lv5 or higher monster, no tribute is needed.

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How might normal variations in your genes affect your response to different medicines?

Normal variations in genes can impact how a person metabolizes medications, affecting their efficacy, dosage requirements, and potential side effects. Variations in genes encoding drug-metabolizing enzymes can lead to variations in drug metabolism rates, influencing how quickly a drug is broken down or eliminated from the body. Additionally, genetic variations can also affect drug targets or receptors, influencing a person's response to a medication.

Mechanism that allows the body to change an internal condition back to normal?

Homeostatic mechanisms return the body to its normal state. Most of these are controlled by negative feedback.

Feedback mechanism are best described as processes that help?

Feedback mechanisms keep body conditions near a normal, steady state

When bodily changes are detected responses are activated that reverse the change restoring stability and preserving normal body function This occurs during what feedback?


Which of these is the goal of a negative feedback loop to A enhance a stimulus' action B release hormones C signal receptors to receive sensory info D return a substance to a normal level?

D. The goal of a negative feedback loop is to return a substance to a normal level. Negative feedback loops work to counteract any deviation from a set point in order to maintain homeostasis in the body.

Identify the concept behind negative feedback system?

normal body temperature is about 37degree c . if it is increased or decreased ,it will be maintained by the negative feedback mechanism . gain=correction/error

Homeostatic mechanisms are said to act by negative feedback because changes away from the normal state?

are detected and trigger responses that counteract those changes, bringing the system back towards the normal state. This creates a feedback loop that helps maintain stability and equilibrium within the body.

What are varions?

Varions are variations that exist within the realm of a person's health. These variations can include a normal temperature for someone that is not 98.6 or a blood pressure reading which may be a common number for one person but higher or lower than what science suggests to be normal.

Vyvanse effects on normal people?

more importantly, why would you take it if you're normal?

When a variation outside of normal limits triggers an automatic response that corrects the situation the mechanisms is called?

negative feedback

Why are feedback interactions in human body important?

4) keep the internal body environment within its normal range.

When a system brings abnormal body variable levels back to normal Is Called?

This process is called negative feedback. There are only two that are positive: childbirth and blood clotting. Negative feedback keeps things in balance.