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Aerospace Engineer

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Q: What type of engineer designs systems and structures for flight vehicles?
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Whats the difference between electrical technician and a electrical engineer?

A technician is one who installs or repairs electrical systems and devices. An engineer is one who designs electrical systems and devices.

What is plumbing engineer?

A plumbing engineer is the professional who designs the hot and cold water system in your home. The Plumbing Engineer is involved with systems that overlap into the mechanical, civil, and chemical engineering disciplines and supports the Civil Engineer for the plumbing systems outside the building.

What are you called when you designs systems for flights?

When you design systems for flights you may be called a system engineer. The other name that may be used is a flight controller.

What software engineering do?

a software engineer is a person who designs and programs system-level software, such as operating systems, database management systems (DBMSs) and embedded systems. The title is often used for programmers in the software industry who create commercial software packages, whether they be system level or application level. "Software engineer," "systems programmer" and "systems engineer" titles are often synonymous.

What does a electrical product design engineer do?

Designs things like TVs, cell phones, car electric systems, iPads, etc.

What engineering job starts with an s?

Structural engineer software engineer systems engineer sivil engineer ;)

What engineers start with s?

Structural engineer software engineer systems engineer sivil engineer ;)

What engineering jobs start with s?

Structural engineer software engineer systems engineer sivil engineer ;)

What are the education requirements for a systems engineer job?

Education requirements for a systems engineer job would of course be a licensed engineer. It takes at least a 4 year college degree to become and engineer.

What types of tasks does a systems engineer do?

There are many types of 'systems' in a system engineer job. Some tasks of those systems are working on telephone systems, water systems, food distribution networks, and sewage systems.

What is cse?

certified systems engineer

What you need to learn to become an embedded system engineer?

Coursework needed to become an embedded systems engineer: Calculus, Chemistry, English Composition, Various humanities and social sciences, Calculus based Physics, Technical Communications, Introduction to digital systems, Physical education courses, Electrical circuits I and II, C programming I and II, Differential Equations, Finite Structures, Assembly language programming, Electronics I, Mechatronics and Measurement Systems, Introduction to dynamic systems, Signals, Data Structures, Numerical Analysis, Digital Systems, Statics and Dynamics, Control Systems, Software Engineering, Senior Design I and II, Basic Engineering Economics, Operating Systems, Various senior and technical electives. Personal skills needed to become an embedded systems engineer: Problem solving, Critical thinking, Leadership, Teamwork, Integrity, Persistence, and Curiosity

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