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One is able to get several different types of gaming systems with a wireless controller such as the following systems: On Live, Xbox 360, and the Nintendo Wireless.

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Q: What gaming systems can one get a wireless controller for?
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Can you use a guitar hero mic for Xbox Live gaming like halo?

No, you have to have the headset that plugs into controller or the wireless one you can purchase...

What is the difference between Xbox 360 elite wireless controller and Xbox 360 wireless controller?

One is Black, the normal wireless controller is White.

Does a Xbox 360 come with a wireless controller?

Yes all xbox 360s come with one white wireless controller except on the elite which has one black wireless controller instead

Where can one find more information about wireless gaming headsets?

Wireless gaming headsets are a must have for people who are interested in gaming seriously. In order to find wireless gaming sets, one can invest in an Astro headset, which can be found at Astro's website.

How do you connect xbox 360 wireless controller to PC?

You need a wireless controller adapter for your pc. You can find one on amazon.

What colors are available for the Xbox 360 wireless controller?

The Xbox 360 wireless controller comes in a variety of colours. If one visits the official Xbox site, one can choose the colour of the controller to purchase.

Where can I buy a wireless gaming headset?

One can buy a wireless gaming headset from stores like Future Shop, Best Buy, Target, Wall Mart and many more. One can also buy a wireless gaming headset from sites like eBay or Amazon.

Can I get a pink PlayStation 2 controler for my daughter?

Yes. There are numerous brands that make colored controls for the PlayStation systems. One example for a pink PlayStation 2 controller is the dreamGEAR Magna Force 2.4 GHZ RF Wireless Controller.

How do you charge your xbox 360 wireless controller?

To recharge your xbox 360 wireless controller you need to buy a play and charge kit(highly recomended) then plug it into the front of the controller and into one of the controller ports then turn on your console and play while it charges.

Is PS3 having wireless controller?

Yes it comes with one when you purchase it

Where to purchase the best wireless gaming router?

If you want a wireless router that is good for gaming devices, you are going to need an expensive one. You should look for one that is a few hundred dollars. You can check them on Best Buy.

What does the Xbox 360 Pro come with?

Xbox 360 Pro* One wireless controller * One headset for online gaming communication * One 60 GB hard drive * One Xbox 360 Console * Generally has at least one game bundled with it (sometimes two).