What type of dinosaur is Chomp?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What type of dinosaur is Chomp?
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What type of dinosaur is a chomp?


What is Max's dinosaur called in Dinosaur King?

Max's dinosaur is called Chomp, he is a Triceratops.

How do you get ace and chomp on dinosaur king ds?

it depends on which person you are if your max you get chomp and if your rex you get ace

Is Ace the best dinosaur in dinosaur king?

Yes Ace is the best dinosaur in dinosaur king.Who did you think was the best?It is definitely not Chomp.Here are the reasons: Chomp is slow Ace is fast,Chomp is a herbivore and Ace is a carnivore, and to conclude Ace has better and cooler moves. So Ace is the best.

Is Ace the strongest dinosaur in dinosaur king?

No, not by a long shot. It depends on what type of dinosaur king you're talking about really, but he is neither the strongest on the game or the anime. Both Chomp and Terry are stronger than Ace, and secret dinosaurs are extremely powerful. But Ace, being a wind type, is very agile and speedy.

How do you get chomp on dinosaur king ds?

You can only get Chomp on the Stone Circle and unlock it. The thing is that you can get Ace or Chomp! I have tried to get it myself and got Ace.The code is: lighting grass fire earth water water lighting fire

In dinosaur king is Chomp better than Ace?

sorry to say to all you chomp fans but ace is better.E.g ace is quicker, he has got cooler moves and he's a carnivour.

Dinosaur king what is mini king?

Mini King was the prototype version of Chomp, and is blue in color. Mini King can be found in the Dinosaur King manga. Mini king is also a ightning dinosaur and looks like a rhino.

In dinosaur king who is gabu?

Gabu is the Japanese name for Chomp. In the Japanese version when ever Chomp speaks he says "Gabu". In the Japanese version Ace is Ace and Paris is Parapara. So in the Japanese version instead of saying Chomp, Ace, and Paris they say Gabu, Ace, and Parapara.

How do you get unknown dinosaurs in Dinosaur King?

you use the stone circle. some are: paris, ace/chomp,terry, spiny, and tank.

how to eat food?

chomp chomp chomp

Is Chomp the best dinosaur in dinosaur king?

This is an opinion question. It is safe to say, however, that he is, because he has the best win-loss ratio (meaning that he has much more wins than losses compared to other dinosaurs).