What type of Pokemon is Piplup?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Piplup is a Water type pokemon.

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Q: What type of Pokemon is Piplup?
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What is the national pokedex number for Piplup?

Piplup is #393 in the national pokedex, and it is a Water type Pokemon.

What Pokemon is better chimchar piplup or turtwig?

Piplup is stronger, cuter and more loyal than turtwig and chimchar! For example, Piplup, the penguin Pokemon can use water type attacks on chimchar, and ice type moves on turtwig!

What pokemon are water type?

Piplup, Staru and many others.

What is the best Pokemon to start in Pokemon Diamond?

piplup is the best starter pokermon piplup is the best starter pokermon --------------------------- I chosed Turtwig grass type

What are the strater pokemon you can catch in Pokemon Pearl?

you get a .pokemon called Turtwig grass type, chimchar the fire type and piplup the water type

Who is good against piplup?

every single elictric type Pokemon

What is Piplup?

Piplup is a Pokemon. Piplup is the Penguin Pokemon. Piplup evolve into Prinplup which evolves into Empoleon. Piplup is one of the three starter Pokemon for the Sinnoh Region. Piplup is number 393 in the National Pokedex and Number 007 in the Sinnoh Pokedex.

What are the starters in Pokemon Diamond?

Turtwig (grass) Chimchar (fire) Piplup (water)

Where can you get another piplup on Pokemon Diamond?

Breed your piplup with a ditto. Or breed a femle piplup with another Pokemon from the same egg group as piplup.

Will piplup beat Pikachu in a battle?

No,because pikachu is thunder type and piplup is water type and thunder is affective against water type. and it depends on the level of each of the Pokemon example piplup level 100, pikachu level 1.

What are the starter pokemon on pearl?

there is turtwig (grass type), chimchar (fire type), and piplup (water type)

Where do you find a piplup in Pokemon ruby?

Piplup is not found in Ruby.. Piplup wasn't created when they made Pokemon Ruby.