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Fire.The fire will burn the grass and also ice,flying,poison,and bug type :D

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Q: What type of Pokemon can beat a grass Pokemon?
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What Type Of Pokemon Can Beat Grass Type?

Fire type has the very strongest advantage over Grass type Pokemon

How do you get passed misty in Pokemon FireRed?

Use a electric type or grass type Pokemon to beat her.

What can grass type Pokemon beat?

Rock ground and water

What type of Pokemon can ice type beat?

Grass, Flying and Rock types.

How do you beat pastoria city gym?

step on buttons and beat his Pokemon with with a grass type

How do you beat the first gym leader in Pokemon FireRed?

water or grass type Pokemon

What type of Pokemon does grass beat?

Rock, Ground, and Water-type Pokemon are weak against Grass-type moves. This means Grass-type moves can deal twice the damage to the listed types.

What can a fire type Pokemon beat?

A Fire-type Pokemon can deal 2x the damage to Grass, Ice, Bug, and Steel-type Pokemon.

What does a poison type Pokemon beat?

Poison is strong against grass type Pokémon.

Do you really need a grass type Pokemon in emerald?

No. I practically beat my emerald game (though I didn't beat the elite 4) without almost ever having a grass type Pokemon on my team. You should, however, at least catch grass type Pokemon, as to fill up your Pokedex.

How to beat the sootopolis gym leader i Pokemon emerald?

Use a Grass-type Pokemon that's at least lvl50 w/ at least 2 grass-type moves.

How do you beat kabutops in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

try to use a grass type