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you have to trade with a diamond or pearl game. you cant trade with platinum because they don't get the egg.

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Q: What two Pokemon do you breed to make a Happiny in heart gold?
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What Pokemon evolve with a ovel stone heart gold?


What evolves with a oval stone on Pokemon heart gold?

I'm pretty sure Happiny evolves from it

Where to find happiny in Pokemon Gold?

Trade it from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, or breed a chansey while it's holding a luck incense.

How do I lower the shiny Pokemon ratio in heart gold while breeding?

Breed two shiny pokemon.

Is there a munchlax in Pokemon HeartGold?

I agree to this paragragh. actually you can get munchlax on Pokemon heart gold and soul silver. all you have to do is give snorlax a full in sens and put it in with a ditto and then you got your self a munchlax and i know it works because i did it and i also know how you can get a happiny. you get happiny by giving chansey or blissey a luck incense and put it in the day care with ditto and you got a happiny.

Can blissey have a happiny egg on Pokemon FireRed?

if you mean the egg that makes happiny evolve, no. happiny didnt exist when fire red came out. plus, its impossible to find a wild blissey in the wild. the only way to get it to hold the egg is to migrate it to Pokemon diamond,pearl,platinum,heart gold, or soul silver and then give it to blissey after you catch it in pal park.

Can you breed Pichu and Ditto to make another Pichu in Pokemon heart gold?

No because ditto has no gender

How do you get darkriy in Pokemon heart gold in Pokemon heart gold?

It's Darkrai. You can't get him in Heart Gold.

What Pokemon evolves with oval stone in heart gold?

As far as I remember, Happiny (baby version of Chansey introduced in Gen. 4) evolves into Chansey via this strange little stone. I can think of no others - Oval Stones are tailor made to Happiny's only. Hope that helped!

What is the difference between Pokemon HeartGold and Pokemon Gold?

Pokemon Heart gold is different from Pokemon Gold cuz heart gold has better graphics new Pokemon and new events

Which Pokemon can breed with cressilia?

ditto is probably the only Pokemon that can breed with cresselia they are really rare to find in sinnoh so the best way is to go get a ditto from heart gold or soul silver

Can you breed giratina?

no it is legendary. but in Pokemon heart gold or soul silver you get a giratina or palkia or dialga egg by going with arceus to the alph ruins