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go to the battle fronter and win 7 straight battles and then the will throw out pokeball aka boring as.;.

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there are no trainers with a rotom you have to go to the old chateau at night , then go to the room with the TV click on the TV then rotom will appear at level 20.

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Q: What trainer in Pokemon platinum has a Rotom?
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Which trainers have rotom?

No trainer have Rotom in Pokemon Pearl, Diamond, or Platinum.

Where is a trainer with Rotom on Pokemon platinum?

go to a conservation in the town hall then pikachu will appear catch it then rotom will get angry then he will attack at level 100!!!!!!!!!!

Which trainer has a rotom in Pokemon Platinum?

no trainers have a rotom on Pokemon platinum. you are the only one who can catch it. to obtain rotom you must go to the old chatea between 8pm and 12pm (I think these are the right times) and go to the room upstairs in th middle with the tv. press a when your facing the tv and rotom will attack. If this doesnt work you should have gotten a paper in your platinum game case that tells you how. Hope this helps!

Pokemon Platinum which Pokemon is number 152?


Where can you get a Rotom key on Pokemon Platinum?

Pokemon event

Is there a picture of Rotom in a book on Pokemon platinum?


How do you get to Rotom in Pokemon platinum?

in the mansion that has gastly

Where is Rotom in Pokemon Platunim?

To encounter Rotom in Pokemon Platinum, check the TV in the Old Chateau at night.

What do you do when after you get ROTOM in Pokemon?

after rotom you should have beaten the gameYou have to trade rotom from Pokemon diamond or dont you trade it from platinum diamond or peralYou cannot catch Rotom in SoulSilver. You need to trade from Diamond, Pearl or Platinum.

What is the Pokemon number 152 on the Pokemon platinum pokedex?


What is 152 on the pokedex platinum?

The 152 Pokemon in the Pokedex is Rotom, not the other Rotom's just electric Rotom

Who is Wash Rotom in Pokemon?

Wash Rotom is a genderless Pokemon that can levitate. He is available in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum Pokemon games.