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You can get rotom from Pokemon diamond, pearl & platinum, or if you have an action replay, pokesav it or wild modify it.

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Q: How do you get Rotom in Pokemon Soul Silver?
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What lengenday Pokemon can breed in soul silver?

manaphy; rotom

How do you get a Rotom on Pokemon Soul Silver?

you cant get it in the game you can only get by trading

Can you get Rotom in soul silver?

Yes, just trade it from Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl.

Where can you find a Rotom on Pokemon HeartGold?

To receive Rotom on Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver you must trade it from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.

Pokemon Soul Silver how to get Rotom?

You must trade it from D/P/Pt.

How do you get Rotom on Pokemon Soul Silver?

Sadly you cannot catch rotom on the game however you could tade it from diamond, pearl or platinum

HowOn Pokemon soul silver how do you gain acces to the saffron elevator?

Get a Rotom. Go to the elevator. It takes you to the room with 5 things for Rotom to go in.

How do you get a Rotom on Pokemon soul silver in johto?

trade, using cheat codes with a flashcard or by using action replay

Where do you find Rotom in soul silver?

rotoms not in it because the original silver was b4 rotom was made. SRRY!

Where can you catch a Rotom in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can't obtain a Rotom in Pokemon Soul Silver. Instead, you have to trade it from Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, and Rotom appears near the TV in the Old Chateau once you get the National Pokedex in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

How do you find Rotom in soul silver?

you dont

How do you get the big tower in saffron city to work on Pokemon soul silver?

You have to catch ROTOM to make Saffron city work.