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First you need to trade Rotom from Pearl, Diamond, or Platinum. (Rotom is at the Old Chateou which is at the Eterna Forest. Go there after 10:00 pm and press a against one of the TV's, Rotom will pop out and you will battle. Rotom is at lvl. 15 and is Electric Ghost.)(Pearl,Platinum,Diamond) make sure Rotom is the first Pokemon in your party, when you do that the elevator will take you up to the next floor when you will see items that you can give to rotom to change it's type.


Fan Rotom - Electric

Frost Rotom- Ice

Heat Roto- Fire

Mow Rotom- Grass

Wash Rotom- Water

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Q: How do you fix silph co elevator on Pokemon soul silver version?
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How do you get silph scope in silver version?

There is no silph scope.

How do you get to the top of silph co in Pokemon firered?

Use the portals or the elevator.

Where dO you get the silph scope in Pokemon Silver in?

There is no silph scope in Silver, as Lavender Tower doesn't exist anymore.

How do you get to the top of the silph co in Pokemon fire red?

Go up the elevator.

Where do you get Upgrade in Pokemon Silver?

Silph Co.

How do you get past the cop in the silph company building in saffron city in Pokemon silver?

you need a rotom and then press a right at the elevator you can go in and you will be allowed to change rotom's form

How do you silph co fixed on soul silver?

you must have rotom first in your party then talk to the elevator

Where is the silph co in Pokemon soul silver?

the silph co. is in saffron city, but first if you want to use the elevator you need a diamond,pearl,or platinum and get a rotom.When you get rotom go to silph co. and go to the elevator and you will go into it.Rotom will control the elevator and when you go out, there will be a microwave,a fan,a fridge,a washing machcine,and a lawn mower.Whatever thing you choose,rotom will learn a move that compares with the thing you choose.You can keep choosing anything anytime.

How do you get the Hoenn starters in soul silver?

First beat red on top of mt. silver, ( bring a pokemons that know waterfall + surf and rockclimb You HAVE to have the Pokemon Rotom ( plasma Pokemon ) as the first in your party and go to Kanto to Saffron City where silph company is. go up the elevator and find Steve.

Where can you get a silph scope in Pokemon Blue version?

you have to finish the team rocket part in Silph co. and beat Giovanni.

Where is silph co in Pokemon Red version?

It should be in Saffron City.

Where is the silph co. located in Pokemon soul silver?

in saffron city