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Blackthorncity's the only place in jotto

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Q: What town seells ultra balls in Pokemon crystal?
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Where can you buy ultra balls in crystal?

you can't buy ultra balls until you beat the 5th gym

Where can you buy ultra balls Pokemon silver?

Usually ultra balls are sold in the later cities try blackthorn city or the Pokemon league.

Where do you get ultra balls on Pokemon FireRed?

In a shop

How do you turn ultra balls into master balls in Pokemon diomand?

You Can't

Where do you buy ultra balls on Pokemon fire red?

Buy ultra balls in Fuchsia city or Indigo Plateau.

How do you catch the legandary birds on Pokemon?

either clone master balls or throw loads of ultra balls at it i tried and it only took about 20 ultra balls

Where to find ultra ball Pokemon crystal?

In poke marts

Can you catch Rayquaza with a ultra ball in Pokemon ruby?

yes but you need 50 ultra balls

How do you get darkria in Pokemon Platinum?

Get ultra balls and get your behind up in there

How do you get all the legendary Pokemon on Pokemon Platinum?

1 master ball and a WHOLE LOTTA ultra balls AND dusk balls!

Where to buy Ultra Balls in Pokemon Y?

You will be able to buy Ultra Balls at all Poké Marts after earning at least three badges.

How does Pokemon modfier work on Pokemon white?

you get 649 master balls and 100 ultra balls ultra balls = level master balls = national dex number press l+r to reset the modifier to easily get over large numbers toss masterballs