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You have to talk to the man that takes you to iron island and make him go to fullmoon island. Go upwards and you will find a Cresselia dropping feather i don't remember the name of. Then you will have to talk to the boy again and he will be cured.

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Q: What to do to the boy in canvalve city sick in Pokemon diamond?
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Where is the sick boy on Pokemon Diamond?

the sick boy in Pokemon diamond is in canalave city in the house on the very bottom left corner .x

Where is the sick boys dad in canavalve city on Pokemon diamond?

He is on the dock by the boats

Where do you get seal case in Pokemon Diamond?

you get it from a clown in vermilion city EDITED THIS IS DIAMOND!!!!!!!

Where to find Darkria the Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

new moon island, talk to the sailers family and the boy will be sick, go to the sailer and he'll bring you there

Where does the sick son stay at on Pokemon pearl?

the sick boy stays in the sailor's house in canalave city after you get the national pokedex.

How do you spend the night with the father of the sick boy in Pokemon Diamond?

well after you talk to the sick boy in canalave city you go and talk to the boys dad (THE SALOIR THAT TAKES YOU TO IRON ISLAND) HE WILL TAKE YOU TO THIS ISLAND AND you have to get a night wing or something BUT THIS IS THE BEST BIT YOU GET TO CATCH A CRECELIA YAY I HAVE 1

Where do you get the potion for the sick Pokemon?

When u are in olivine city u can't battle the gym leader, jasmine, until u bring a potion to the sick pokemon, amphy. U have to surf to cianwood city where you have to go to cianwood city pharmact where the man will give you a potion. U then have to surf back to olivine city's lighthouse where you will finf jasmine, the gym leader, right on top with the sick pokemon. Hope I've helped!!

When does the kid in canalve city get sick in Pokemon platinum?

i think it happens when you beat the elite four

Where is cressila after you cure the kid in canalve city get sick in Pokemon platinum?

cresselia will be roaming sinnoh

Should I start a new game on Pokemon diamond PLEASE REPly?

Well if you finished and your getting sick of it you sould start a new game

Where do you get strenth in Pokemon Crystal?

In the city where the sick lighthouse Pokemon was, go to the restaurant beside the Pokemon center and talk to the guy sitting at the table. He's the one who gives your Pokemon strength.

How does the sailor's son in canalave city get sick in Pokemon platinum?

By darkrai.jou need to fulmoon island. By by from belgium.