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when you go to national park all you do is go to the next route.there should be a tree in the way and you can't use cut. so you just go to goldenrod city and go to the flower shop. the flower shop is at the very end. turn right and you should see the gym leader. to the right of the gym leader is the flower shop. go inside and talk to a girl. she says she will give you a watering can if you beat the gym leader. beat the gym leader then go back to the flower shop. she will then give you the watering can. go back to the route with the tree. go up to the tree then select the watering can. once you do that you will battle the tree. win or catch it for it to move. now you can get to the other side. i hope this helps you!

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Q: What to do after you get to the national park in Pokemon silver?
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Where can you catch Scyther in Pokemon Silver?

national park

Where is the pokethlon in Pokemon silver?

Just fly to the national park

Where can you find a volbeat in Pokemon soul silver?

In the National Park.

Where can you find the Pokemon Sunkern in Pokemon soul silver?

You can find sunkern in national park

Where is the pokeathlon place in Pokemon soul silver?

West of the National Park.

Quick claw in Pokemon Silver?

go in the national park and there will be a lady with a Pokemon beside her and talk to her. by raekwon

Where can you get a smoohe bell in Pokemon soul silver?

The Soothe Bell is located in the National park.

Where do you find the Soothe Bell in Pokemon Soul Silver?

You can find one in the National Park.

What city are the Pokemon contests in SoulSilver?

There are no contests in Pokemon Soul Silver. It was replaced by Pokeathlon which is located near National Park.

Where is Scientist's House in Pokemon soul silver?

it is located in golden rod city south of national park

Where is the scientist's house in Pokemon Soul Silver?

it is located in golden rod city south of national park

What does the exclamation point at National Park in Pokemon Soul Silver mean?

either read it, or it means nothing.