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This might be just for members but... talk to him after a while of completing the quest and he will give you something.

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Q: What to do after finishing cooks assistant in runescape?
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Where do you get a knife to fletch in runescape?

you can get a free knife under lumbridge castle in the cellar were you start the quest cooks assistant.

Where is the cooks brother located in runescape?

he comes every thanksgiving event

How do you use the banque in runescape at the cooks' guild?

You need to be member to use that. :[

How do you get the top-milk in RuneScape?

well there r two types of ways to get top milk on runescape. #1 start the quest cooks assistant he will ask u to get top milk top milk is located in lumbridge next to al karid milk the cow closest to the gate. #2 become a member get to use the cow anytime you want. warning if you don't become a member and you finished cooks assistant you cant get that milk again until you become a member. if you need more help add my account androkna. say you looked at WikiAnswers and you need help ill come and help you in runescape :)

How do you get in the work site in runescape?

Finishing the quest dig site will let you in.

Where can you find apples in RuneScape?

Members can plant apple trees, cooks guild.

How do you beat the cooks assitant quest on runescape?

I have placed a link below that will take you to a guide for this quest.

Where is the giant egg on cook's assistant on runescape?

it is a rare drop from chickens

How can you get ancient bones in runescape?

According to my sources, You can only obtain them as a reward of finishing the restless ghost quest.

What is the finishing of this well know saying too many cook spoil?

Too many cooks spoil the broth (like a soup).

Where do you get cooks on RuneScape?

You don't "get cooks". You cook the stuff yourself, hence why there is a Cooking skill. By the way, you cook raw food (fish, vegetables, meat, etc.) at a cooking range. These can be found all over Runescape, but a personal favorite place for people to cook is on the everlasting fire in the rogues guild, or something like that.

In runescape can you change steel gaunts into cooking gaunts with out finishing Family Crest?

No. You must complete the quest Family Crest to do so.