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Well you would just work on your pokedex and catch kyogre and groudon...(rayquaza if you havent yet) and latios or latias...thats pretty nuch it and the battle frontier

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Q: What to do after defeating the elite 4 in emerald?
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Can you catch legendaries on Pokemon emerald before defeating the elite 4?

yes. you can catch raquazza before you defeat the elite four.. he is in the sky pillar..

How do you quit without battling Wallace on emerald after defeating elite four?

You can't. There is no way to quit after beating the main Elite 4 members. As much as we all hated facing Wallace in Emerald, you have to defeat him.

What to do after defeating 8th gym leader of emerald?

Beat the Elite 4. Surf East of the last city and go up the waterfallll.

What happens when you defeat the elite 4 on Pokemon emerald?

You get the chance to encounter Kyogre and Groudon, also the battle frontier is unlocked for you and each of the Pokemon that have been in your party after defeating the elite four will gain a ribbon for defeating the champion. Hope this helped :)

In Pokemon emerald do you have to beat the elite four before you can capture Groudon?

No. -.- You can capture it without defeating them.

Can you own a gym after beating the elite 4?

No, you cannot own a Gym after defeating the Elite 4.

When do you get to have a remach with the gyms in Pokemon emerald?

After defeating the Elite Four they challenge you by calling you at random times unlike the Elite Four when they'll always be ready.

What happens if theres a drought in Pokemon emerald after the elite 4?

If there is a Drought in a Route on Pokemon Emerald it means Terra Cave has appeared in that Route. Terra Cave is a randomly spawning cave that contains the legendary Pokemon Groudon. Terra Cave only appears after defeating the Elite Four.

When will you battle may after defeating the elite 4?


I can't seem to fly back to the elite four after defeating them in emerald. Why?

You probably forget to use there Pokemon center's.

Where i can get the secret badge in Pokemon emerald that wally will give you?

After defeating the Elite 4 you will get one secret badge. Battle Scott, and he also will give one as well, and so will Wally.

Where do you catch Pineco in LeafGreen?

Trade from Emerald. You can find Pineco in the brand new safari zone after defeating the Elite Four.