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After you fix the power plant get the Kanto radio card from Lavender Town. Then go east of Vermillion where you will find Snorlax. Position the radio dial toward the top of the circle until it says "poke Flute". Snorlax will wake up and battle you. After that you can get to the diglet tunnel which takes you just south of Pewter city where you can battle Brock's gym.

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Q: What to do after beating the 13th gym leader in Pokemon soulsilver?
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Where is the 13th gym leader in Pokemon soulsilver?

i think its in fuchsia city. jgsiuoghsjugnjsiovjl;jioi

Where is the 13th gym in Pokemon SoulSilver?

The thirteenth gym leader is Janine. She is filling in for her dad, Koga. She uses poison type Pokmeon. Make sure to bring a ground Pokemon for an easy battle.

How do you face the 13th gym leader in Pokemon soul silver?


On Pokemon soul silver what do you do after you have defeated the 13th gym leader?

beat the 14? there are 16

How do you trade Pokemon from heartgold to Pokemon black before beating the Pokemon league?

Before you beat the league, the only things you can transfer from GenIV games (inc. HG/SS) are the 13th movie Celebi and shiny beasts, using the Relocator. Only after beating the league do you get access to the PokeTransfer lab.

Is there going to be a 13th Pokemon movie?

yes it will not have ho-oh or lugia that was a commercial for heartgold & soulsilver but the movie will be called Pokemon: ruler of illusion: zoroark. it will have celebi, raiku, entei, & suicune + 2 new Pokemon zoroa & zoroark.

What to do after beating the 13th gym?

Complete your pokedex..

How do you get to the 13th gym leader on Pokemon Crystal?

if u go to youtube type in nachos Pokemon crystal playthrough and it tells u everything jsut find the part u are on

How do you get the 13th badge in Pokemon HeartGold?

go to kanto and go to fucshia city and go to the gym janine is gym leader and she is kogas daughter so she has poison types.

Who are the Pokemon zorua and Zoroark?

They are Pokemon in Pokemon black and white versions and they are in the 13th Pokemon movie

When does the 13th Pokemon movie come out?

July 10

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