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  1. After beating Misty, be sure to grab the Machine Part that's in the red and white inner tubes, located inside the upper-left part of Misty's gym.
  2. Head back to the Power Plant by Surfing down Route 10 and give the Part to the Power Plant Manager.*
  3. Go to Lavender Town and upgrade the Radio feature on your PokeGear.
  4. Go back to Vermillian City and head east to find the sleeping Snorlax; wake him up using the PokeFlute on your new, upgraded Radio on the PokeGear. Warning: When he wakes up, he'll attack you.
  5. Head inside Diglett Cave. Warning: Some Digletts/Dugtrios have the ability Arena Trap- meaning you won't be able to run away from them. However, they're pretty weak so it should be no problem.
  6. After making your way through Diglett Cave, go north. You'll reach Pewter City. Brock, the Pewter City Gym Leader, is the next gym leader you'll have to face.
  7. Once beating Brock, go back south, run through Viridian, and finally reach Pallet Town.
  8. Surf down to Cinnabar Island. You'll see Blue, who will challenge you in Viridian once you have 7 Kanto badges (not Johto!).
  9. Enter the Seafoam Islands and make your way through. You'll find Blane's new gym. When you beat him, go back and talk to Blue, who will go back to Viridian's Gym.
  10. Beat Blue. Prof. Oak will call you. Go to Pallet Town and he'll give you Rock Climb (very helpful. Now you can explore all those places you couldn't before! Cliff Cave, Rock Cave, etc.).

After all this, a couple things are unlocked:

  • Mt. Silver
  • Moltres
  • Articuno
  • Zaptos

*Once you've gotten this far and done everything mentioned prior, Suicune will appear at Route 25 and will STAY THERE. Finally, you can battle and, if you want, capture Suicune! Eusine won't even get in your way this time!

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Q: What to do after beat misty SoulSilver?
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Where do you go after you beat misty in Pokemon soulsilver?

route 25

What do you do after you beat misty in Pokemon SoulSilver?

After you defeat Misty, You can go catch suicune by Bill`s house.

What do you do when you beat misty in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can go and challenge other Gym Leaders in the Kanto region, such as Brock.

How do you beat misty in soulsilver?

Once you fixed the Power Plant, go to the end of Route 25. Talk to Misty and she'll return to the gym. Then you can beat her. (She uses water Pokemon so I suggest you use grass or electric Pokemon.)

When do you face misty in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you go to the power plant talk to everybody there go to mistys gym after that and there will be a man in black there beat him in a battle and then go to the side of house there you will see misty.

How do you get suicune on SoulSilver?

After you beat all of the kanto gyms, go to cerulean city and go to where you saw misty with her "date". Suicune will be waiting there.

How do you beat Misty in Pokemon SoulSilver?

During your first battle against Misty in Pokémon SoulSilver, you can use Electric attacs against all of her Pokémon except for Quagsire. You need to use a Grass attack or a Flying-type attack against Quagsire.

Is misty ever coming to Pokemon again?

misty will be a gym leader in HeartGold and SoulSilver

Why is misty not at the gym in Pokemon soulsilver version?

Misty is at the Cerulean Cape. It's close to Cerulean City.

What Pokemon does misty have in soulsilver?

Misty has a 49 Golduck 49 Quasire 52 lapras and 54 starmie

Which route is misty on in SoulSilver?

you need to get the kanto power plant and talk to the manager then you go to misty's gym and find a team rocket grunt you follow him and beat him then you find the machine part and return it to the power plant then go to bill's house then go up the hill next to it then you see misty

How do you get Suicune into bill's area in soulsilver?

you go on the route right of fuchia city on the side closest to the sea, restore power to the power plant, and beat misty and he should appear