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You best the rest of the Kanto Gym Leaders. Since they are challenged in no particular order, Misty may be your Seventh challenge. If this is so, then you go to Cinnibar Island, where you find Blue (Gary Oak's game counterpart). He is the Viridian Gym Leader, and you take your 8th gym challenge. If Misty isn't your 7th challenge, then you beat the other gym leaders before you can challenge Blue.

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Q: What do you do after beating misty Pokemon SoulSilver?
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Is misty ever coming to Pokemon again?

misty will be a gym leader in HeartGold and SoulSilver

Where do you go after you beat misty in Pokemon soulsilver?

route 25

What do you do after you beat misty in Pokemon SoulSilver?

After you defeat Misty, You can go catch suicune by Bill`s house.

What Pokemon does misty have in soulsilver?

Misty has a 49 Golduck 49 Quasire 52 lapras and 54 starmie

Why is misty not at the gym in Pokemon soulsilver version?

Misty is at the Cerulean Cape. It's close to Cerulean City.

Where do you find misty in Pokemon SoulSilver?

She's at the end of route 25

Where isw misty Pokemon SoulSilver?

top of rout rout 25 =]

Were do you get the fourth gym badge in the kanto region in Pokemon soulsilver?


Pokemon SoulSilver catch larvitar before beating Pokemon leaugue?

you cant

What route is misty on in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Route 25, near Bills house.

Where to find Misty in Pokemon SoulSilver?

at the end of the cerulean cape (route 25)

How do you get a red orb in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Talk to mr. Pokemon after beating game and capturing lugia