What the best class in allods?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What the best class in allods?
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Which is the best race at Allods online?


Can I play North America Allods if I'm in Europe?

I play Allods Eu and im in North America..

What is the highest level in allods online?

The highest level a character can be in Allods Online at the moment, is 42. However, according to the Allods Community in North America, a content update is soon to come increasing the level cap to 47.

Is allods online free?

Yes it is

Does allods online work with mac?


Can allods online give you viruses?


How much does it cost to play allods?

It costs nothing to play Allods Online. However there are items in the game, that can be purchased using cash.

Is allods a boy or girl game?

i mean what the hell i have seen allods playne by a bunch of girls but it looks like world of warcraft

Does anyone have a free allods online acc that i can have?

Sorry but it is a violation to Allods so no one can give you one. Hope you have luck starting from scratch! I am so sorry!

Does allods online work on Windows XP?


How do you change your password on allods?

Visit, there around the login section, select Forgot your User ID or Password?. From there on, follow gPotato's steps to reset and change your Allods password.

Can you change your pet for wardens in allods?

As of now, you cannot unfortunately. :(