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There is no "best" Pokemon to defeat the Elite Four. You can use any Pokemon you want, as long as they are strong enough to face them.

If you want to strategize, Lorelei uses Ice Pokemon, so Fire, Electric, and Grass types would be useful against her. Bruno uses Rock and Fighting types, so Water, Psychic, and Fighting types would be useful against him. Agatha uses Ghost types, so Psychic, Ghost, Bug, and Poison, would be useful against her. Lance uses Dragon types, so Ice would be very useful against him. As for your rival, you'll need a combination, there isn't just one type to defeat him.

Just use a combination of the above types.

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Q: What the best Pokemon to defeat the elite four in Pokemon red?
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Pokemon ruby is swampert the best to defeat the elite four?

yes swarpert is a greatest Pokemon to defeat elite four

What is the best Pokemon used to defeat the elite four?


How do you defeat the elite four with one Pokemon?

you defeat the elite four by training a particular Pokemon and getting it to a high level(e.g. lv64) you also give it the best four moves that you have. try to give it moves that have a lot of pp though because you need to defeat the elite four who have a lot of Pokemon!

How do you defeat Pokemon diamond?

defeat the elite four

What to do after you defeat the elite four on Pokemon Sapphire version for Game Boy?

After you defeat the elite four on Pokemon sapphire you complete the pokedex and make all your Pokemon level 100.

What Pokemon do you need to beat the elite four and what level?

The best levels to have are 60 or above Pokemon wise i doesn't matter the easiest way to beat the elite four is train Pokemon that defeat each members Pokemon.

What is the best way to beat the Elite Four in Heat Gold and Soul Silver?

The best way to defeat them is to train your Pokemon. No Pokemon will be above level 50 or something like that. The 4 main elite four, their Pokemon are only in their forties.

What will you do to seven island in Pokemon LeafGreen?

After you defeat the Elite Four.

How do you beat Pokemon Yellow?

Defeat the Champion in the Elite Four.

Which 6 Pokemon will be needed to deafeat the elite four in Diamond and Pearl?

There is are no certain Pokemon needed to defeat the elite four. Just use your strongest Pokemon.

Where is the elite four for Kanto in soul silver?

there is no elite four for kanto u just defeat the elite four that is in kanto for the johto region. and my advice for it is have the Pokemon the elite four Pokemon and the champion Pokemon are weak to like for champion it would be ice.

What is a good Pokemon to use for the dark specialist in the elite four?

which elite four are you referring to. use bug and fightning move to defeat dark pokemon.