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Sphax is used for Race to the Moon.

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Q: What texture pack does iBallisticSquid use for Race to the Moon?
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What texture pack dose iballisticsquid use for race to the moon?


What texture pack does iballisticsquid use for boss battles?

a GLSL shader texture pack, hd that is most i know, beemo12

How do you install the flatcraft texture pack for Minecraft?

Download the texture pack and put it into the Minecraft Texture Pack folder.

What texture pack does the yogscast use?

The Texture Pack they use is the Tekit version of Sphax 1.5 texture pack.

How do you use a minetest c55 texture pack?

Load the texture pack and go to "texture packs" in the menu, then click on texture pack you want to use.

What is xprokx's mix texture pack?

A texture pack a youtuber made, it was his own style in another texture pack, the owner of the real texture pack was upset or something and he asked xprokx politely to take the texture pack down from the Internet... I didn't get to get it...

What is the texture pack Keralis uses?

He used the GLSL shader,Flows hd texture pack,and Modern hd texture pack.

How do you make a texture pack?

what website do you have to be on to make your own texture pack

What texture pack does antvenom use?

Faithful Venom Texture Pack

Why cant you get a texture pack on minecraft?

You can. First go to a texture pack website. Then click download. Go to the Minecraft folder and then find the Texture Pack file. Lastly drag the texture pack into the file and restart the game.

What texture pack does ZexyZex use?

Either 32x32 faithful or default texture pack.

When i download a texture pack on minecraft it says it cant find them.what do i do?

You need to make sure that the texture pack is saved in the minecraft folder in the texture pack folder.