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Q: What term describes the biological and genetic foundation of an individual?
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What term describes the specific genetic makeup or code for an individual?


What is biological disposition?

Biological disposition refers to an individual's genetic and physiological makeup that influences their behavior, emotions, and responses to stimuli. It can impact an individual's susceptibility to certain illnesses, mental health conditions, and tendencies towards specific traits or behaviors. Biological disposition is determined by a combination of genetic inheritance and environmental factors.

Which type of psychologist would be most interested in the genetic makeup of an individual?

A genetic psychologist or a behavioral geneticist would be most interested in the genetic makeup of an individual. These professionals study the role of genetics in behavior and psychological traits, such as personality, intelligence, and mental disorders. They investigate how genetic factors interact with environmental influences to shape individual differences in psychological characteristics.

What is a biological law?

A biological law is a generalization that describes a consistent and predictable relationship in living organisms. It is a statement based on repeated observations and experiments that explain a fundamental aspect of biology, such as the inheritance of genetic traits through Mendel's laws.

What describes how an organism look?

it depends upon the genetic makeup of individual

Where is the National Foundation for Jewish Genetic Diseases?

The National Foundation for Jewish Genetic Diseases is in New York, NY

What genetic term describes an observable trait of and individual 1. heterozygous 2. genotype 3. phenotype or 4. homozygous?


What is the scientific name for genetic homosexuality?

There does not seem to be a clear-cut term for genetic homosexuality - in fact, the best description of it is potentially the one used in the wording of the question. A related term which describes identity based on biological characteristics is 'sexual identity'.

What is the genetic genetic of an individual?


What is the importance of heredity to human development?

Heredity plays a significant role in human development by passing down genetic information from parents to offspring, influencing traits like physical appearance, intelligence, temperament, and susceptibility to certain diseases. It provides the foundation for an individual's biological makeup, which interacts with environmental factors to shape overall development and behavior. Understanding heredity helps in genetic counseling, medical treatment, and predicting potential health risks.

Who can DNA technology allow us to identify a person parents?

DNA technology can allow us to identify a person's parents by comparing the individual's DNA to their potential biological parents. By analyzing the genetic markers and similarities between the DNA samples, scientists can determine if a person shares genetic material with their alleged parents, establishing a biological relationship. Techniques such as DNA sequencing and genetic profiling are commonly used for this purpose.

What are biological forces?

Biological forces refer to the factors related to biology that influence living organisms. These can include genetic predispositions, hormonal fluctuations, and physiological processes that shape an individual's development, behavior, and characteristics. Biological forces play a significant role in determining various aspects of an organism's life.